Thursday, 24 January 2013

Jack's Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Jack is my 14 year old son, he learnt this recipe at school, but makes it all the time at home, and it always turns out very tasty (apart from when he forgot to put the sugar in), so it is a good recipe for both adults and children to try. It's great in the autumn when we go out picking fresh blackberries, and our neighbour gives us cooking apples from their tree.

For the stew; 4 large cooking apples - 50g sugar - 1 tbsp water - blackberries to taste - 1 tsp jACKrABBIT pudding spice.
For the crumble topping; 150g flour (sieved) - 100g sugar - 50g butter - 50g oats.
1) Pre-set the oven to gas 4, 180C, 350F.
2) Place all the stew ingredients into a large saucepan and heat rapidly
3) Stir continuously with a wooden spoon until the apple goes soft
4) Place the stew in an oven dish - Place the flour and butter in a mixing bowl and rub together till crumbly
5) Add the sugar and oats and repeat
6) Place in the oven for 15 minutes - Serve with custard or ice cream.

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