Thursday, 18 October 2012

Liquorice Tar Apples

It's coming up to toffee apples time, but for home baking, toffee apples are quite difficult to master (making anyway, I can eat them just fine), so an easier, and just as tasty, alternative are these liquorice apples. They are guaranteed to linger on your lips (literally), with added golden syrup to soften the licorice flavour, and sprinkles to add an extra sweet crunch.
 140g confectionary liquorice
2 tsp golden syrup, about 4 tbsp water
4 apples and sticks.
 Cut up the liquorice into very small pieces and place in a saucepan with 2 tbsp of the water. -- Heat gently on a medium-low heat, adding more water as the mixture becomes sticky, stirring continuously. -- As it is becoming like syrup, add the golden syrup, and keep stirring till the lumps melt. -- The best way to coat the apples is with a spoon, using the back to apply the liquorice to the apples, then leave to cool and harden a little before applying sprinkles (we also added Jelly Tots).

If you would like to try making toffee for toffee apples here is a recipe for making enough for about six apples.
110ml water
225g demerera sugar
0.5 tsp vinegar
2 tbsp golden syrup
25g butter
(wooden sticks for the apples)
Place the water in a pan and dissolve in the sugar over a moderate heat. Once dissolved stir in the other ingredients. Bring to the boil and cook without stirring till it reaches the hard crack stage (300 F/144 C) and place in a sink or large bowl of cold water. Dip in the apples and allow to cool on a lightly greased tray before eating.

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