Monday, 13 August 2012

Using Brine in Pickling

Before pickling any vegetables you will need to use either a wet or dry brine to draw out the moisture of vegetables for a better result at the vinegar stage. Sea salt (usually fine ground) is the best salt for pickling (you are able to purchase fine and coarse sea salt from jACKrABBIT at any of our markets or with a home delivery (sorry, we don't post salt)). Using a brine is incedibly easy; here's how...
Dry Brine
Dry brine is used when you want your vegetables to maintain a firmness or crispness. Sprinkle dry salt over the vegetables on a flat tray and leave overnight (unless stated otherwise in a recipe). Once soaked, use plenty of cold water to rince away any remaining salt and salt solution.
Wet Brine
Wet brine will mean that your vegetables are softer, which is better for pickling recipes where you want a more sauce-like consistency. Usually you will need to use (unless otherwise stated) 50g/2oz salt to every 600ml/1 pint water mixed well. Again, unless otherwise stated, leave the vegetables in the brine overnight, then rinse with lots of cold water and leave to drain really well.
Your vegetables are then ready to be pickled.

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