Monday, 13 August 2012

Growing Cucumbers

Sowing. Sow indoors: Apr-May. Sow seeds on their sides 1cm deep in 7-9cm pots of compost. Propogate until germination. Water seedlings in the mornings. Plants benefit from being kept indoors but can be hardened off for outdoor planting once all risk of frost has passed. Plant in well fertilised soil or compost 45-60 cm apart. Growing and Harvesting. Use meshing for the plants to climb. Water well in dry weather. Pick regularly when young. Cucumbers can suffer from mould on the leaves, often just as the crop is coming to yield; disease resistant varieties such as euphya (below) are available.

Our varieties.
Euphya (as seen in image). This is an excellent quality all female flower cucumber that is disease resistant and produces plenty of good quality fruit. Better for indoor growing. Buy.

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