Friday, 13 July 2012

Yellow Rattle Wildflower

Yellow Rattle Wildflower
rhinanthus minor
Yellow rattle is a semi-parasitic wildflower that is used to inhibit the growth of grass on order to allow other species to thrive. It feeds of the grass roots and is helpful when beginning to create a wildflower area where grass was the main plant growing. Yellow rattle must be sown in the autumn as it needs the cold winter weather to trigger its germination in late February to early March. To sow. Mow the grass short and 'scarify' the ground by ripping through parts of the ground with a claw fork (or similar tool). You will need between 0.1 and 1 g of seed per m2 (our packs are 1g) depending on how dense you want the yellow rattle. For best results you can sow two years in a row. Yellow rattle may need managing as it can feed off the roots of other plants; in this case, remove plants before they seed (being an annual it is quite easy to manage this plant).

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