Friday, 13 July 2012

White Horehound Wildflower

White Horehound
marrubium vulgare
The leaves of white horehound look a little like mint leaves and the white flowers are clustered around the upper part of the stems.
Height: 25-45 cm
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Wildflower seeds can be sown directly to the flowering position or started off in trays under cover. Most seeds are best sown either in the Spring (Mar-Apr) or the Autumn (Aug-Sep), but if this is different we have added instructions with that particular seed information. Autumn sowings are best for areas that are already quite grassy. To begin in trays, sow the seeds in a seed compost on a sunny window ledge or in a green house. Pot up seedlings when large enough to handle and harden off for 7-10 days to acclimatise the plants to the outdoors.

If sowing direct to the flowering area, you can mix the seed with fine sand to help achieve an even sowing. The area must be well weeded before sowing. Your wildflowers are pretty good at maintaining themselves, but you can add and remove plants to get the look you want. Deadhead plants if you don't want them to self seed and collect seed for plants you want to start off indoors. A good mix of annuals and perennials will help produce an interesting display year after year.

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