Friday, 13 July 2012

Viper's Bugloss Wildflower

Viper's bugloss is one of the plants to put in your garden or allotment to attract bees. It is best sown where you want it to grow as the roots are easily disturbed if moved. Sow either March-May (for some flowers that year) or August-September (for flowers next year). Sow thinly as seedlings can choke each other, 6mm deep. Fully grown plants should be about 38cm apart so thin as required. Keep well watered till established. Deadhead to prolong the flowering period. IMPORTANT: Use gloves when handling adult plants as there are tiny spines that can irritate the skin.

Flowers: June-September
Height: 90cm
Order viper's bugloss wildflower seeds here. The seeds can either be delivered locally or posted to the rest of the UK.

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