Tuesday, 24 July 2012

All About Sumac

Sumac, as its fruity aroma suggests, is made from the berries from the rhus tree (the same family as mango); it is not particularly used on the UK, which is a shame as it is a real gem of the spice rack. It is utilised in a lot in Middle Eastern cooking, and is widely used as a souring agent in place of lemon juice or vinegar, as it has a tangy, refreshing flavour. It can be used with all kinds of seafood, tuna fish is particularly nice with sumac, as well as chicken and most meat dishes (especially roast meats). It is also great for vegetarians as it goes very well with salads and vegetable dishes simply sprinkled over, with or without dressing. It is an essential ingredient of za’atar which, among other things, can be sprinkled with olive oil on flatbread and then toasted.

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